Solutions for Decentralized and Hybrid Clinical Trials

An end-to-end respiratory platform with lab-quality digital endpoints for point-of-care and at-home testing.

Cloud-Based Respiratory Solutions

ZEPHYRx delivers a robust respiratory platform designed to meet the needs of decentralized and hybrid clinical trials. Our features help study teams to streamline workflows, improve efficiencies, and provide transparency to sponsors – ensuring quality data to strengthen regulatory submissions. The Breathe Easy mobile application delivers a patient-centric experience with an intuitive interface and overall ease-of-use.

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Kiosk is a compact solution for point-of-care testing, enabling study teams to capture high quality digital endpoints without manual data entry or uploads.

Digital Endpoints: Spirometry (FVC, FEV1, SVC, and more), Peak Flow, FeNO, Pre/Post Bronchodilator, and eCOA

Features & Benefits

HIPAA compliant with no data stored on devices, Kiosk app, or tablet

Every spirometry effort is assessed using ATS/ERS 2019 standards

Intuitive interface for a seamless provider and participant experience

Automatic AI Spirometry Overreading

FDA-cleared medical devices for multi-patient use

Provider Dashboard

The Provider Dashboard is a centralized data hub where all digital endpoints from Kiosk and Home are securely captured and accessible in real-time. Every dashboard is configured based on trial protocol for a seamless workflow.

Features & Benefits

Real-time video coaching

Alerts for changes in lung function

Custom surveys and ePROs

Compliance Monitoring Dashboard provides insight into patient adherence and overall site performance

Automatic AI Spirometry Overreading

Custom surveys and ePROs

Set automated task reminders for patient tests

Customizable reporting


Home is an easy-to-use solution for patients to perform spirometry tests from the comfort of home. Study teams can obtain lab-quality data in real-time and be alerted with changes in lung function.

Digital Endpoints: Spirometry (FVC, FEV1, SVC, and more), Peak Flow, FeNO, Daily Symptom Diary, and ePRO

Features & Benefits

HIPAA compliant with no data stored on device

Every spirometry effort is assessed using ATS/ERS 2019 standards

Intuitive interface with step-by-step instructions and instant feedback to help patient perform a quality test

Custom in-app patient safety alerts

FDA-cleared spirometer

We’re a trusted partner with global reach.

Our comprehensive solutions deliver the full package of technology and software, global logistics, project management, and 24-7 support, beginning with dashboard configuration aligned with protocol through to automated data delivery.


good clinical


support for sites, sponsors & patients


global logistics


industry-leading devices


HIPAA & GDPR compliant

Comprehensive services and support for sites, sponsors, and patients.

Customized trial setup and dashboard configuration aligned with protocol

Device and site kitting

Certified translations

Training documentation at all levels: CRAs, investigators, site staff and patients

Virtual or on-site group or one-on-one trainings

Platform endpoint training if needed

User acceptance testing

24-7-365 technical support for sites, sponsors, and patients with language services

Global Logistics: create a deployment schedule that includes permit timing, license application approvals, compliance, transit, customs clearing and final delivery

We act as IOR to reduce risk and delays to ensure on-time delivery to international sites

Remote equipment management and logistics including returns and reuse programs

Every trial is assigned a dedicated project manager

Project planning to ensure goals are achieved: FSI, LSI, LSLV, DBL

Collaborative URS documentation and IRB submission

Ongoing project status meetings

Data transfer requirements setup and delivery

Risk-based data management and workflows

Manage consumables shelf-life and replenishment

GCP: audit trails, risk logs, and adverse events reporting

International data privacy compliance

Data integration and transfer options

Custom reporting available

Data archiving options

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Our solution has been used in global trials across various indications.

Spirometry is used to determine how well the lungs are functioning and helps to diagnose and monitor a range of indications.

Cystic Fibrosis (CF)

Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis (ALS)

Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD)​


Idiopathic Pulmonary Fibrosis (IPF)​

Interstitial Lung Disease (ILD)​

Other Neuromuscular disorders​


Other indications where medication is administered through the lungs