Solution Videos

Real-Time Video Coaching by Respiratory Therapist

Watch how Respiratory Therapist Baylie Miller coaches an asthma patient through their pulmonary function test.
3 minutes 29 seconds

An Overview of the ZEPHYRx Solution

A brief overview of the ZEPHYRx solution: patient spirometer and mobile app, and provider dashboard at a glance.
1 minute 44 seconds

Breathe Easy Gamified Breathing Exercises

A sneak preview into the Breathe Easy gamified breathing exercises.
56 seconds

How-To Videos for Providers

How to use Real-time Coaching Feature

Learn how to conduct a remote coaching session with your patient.
4 minutes

PFT Tasks, Reminders & Notifications

Learn how to assign and schedule automated notifications to your patients.
4 minutes

Introduction to the ZEPHYRx Provider Dashboard

Get a tutorial on how to navigate and use the Provider Dashboard.
7 minutes 46 seconds

How-To Videos for Researchers

Introduction to Custom Surveys

Learn how to use the custom surveys feature for an enhanced patient medical record.
2 minutes 54 seconds

Introduction to Overreading

Learn more about the overreading feature in the dashboard.
2 minutes 24 seconds

Introducing Study ID

Allows for patient de-identification and for clinical trial programs to better track their subjects
2 minutes

How-To Videos for Patients

CF Foundation: Perform Home Spirometry with Remote Coaching

An overview on how your clinical care team will coach you through the home spirometry procedure using video call.
4 minutes 44 seconds

CF Foundation: How to Perform Home Spirometry

An overview on how to perform the home spirometry procedure independently.
3 minutes 59 seconds

CF Foundation: Coach Your Child With Home Spirometry

An overview on how to coach your young child through the home spirometry procedure.
4 minutes 6 seconds

Introduction to Breathe Easy App

Learn more about the Breathe Easy app features and how to take a pulmonary function test.
5 minutes 8 seconds

Spirometer Setup for Android Phones & Tablets

Learn how to setup your home spirometer with the Breathe Easy mobile app for Android devices.
6 minutes 58 seconds

Spirometer Setup for Apple iPhone & iPad

Learn how to set up your home spirometer with the Breathe Easy mobile app for Apple iOS.
6 minutes

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