Introducing ZEPHYRx

Pulmonary Function Testing for Isolation

Supporting self-quarantine initiatives to reduce exposure

Introducing ZEPHYRx

It's amazing what a few deep breaths can do.

The ZEPHYRx™ platform combines incentive spirometry with an engaging selection of breath-driven video games, encouraging more frequent usage, and better patient outcomes.

Better Breathing Can Lead to Healthier Patients

+ Remote Patient Monitoring (RPM)
+ Breath Journal tracks daily performance
+ Automatic alert for key changes
+ FVC, FEV1, PEF, FEV1/FVC, FEV6, FEV25-75

Within the Hospital

+ Always available at the patient's bedside
+ Avoids patient transfer to pulmonary lab
+ Results sent to patient's Electronic Medical Record

At Home

+ Self-administered with remote coaching
+ Results sent to EMR
+ App runs on any Apple or Android cellphone or tablet

CPT Reimbursement Codes available for patient setup, device provision, remote monitoring and interpretation of collected data


Powerful Feedback Loop


ZEPHYRx Features

World-Class Design

ZEPHYRx features over 15 breath-powered games, including golf, slot machines, car racing, and fishing. There's something for everyone. And we use a fully FDA & CE medically cleared device for all game play.

Adapts to your breath capacity

Our games automatically adapt to your current breath capacity. We adjust the difficulty level based on your game play results.

Multi-Platform Compatibility

ZEPHYRx works on mobile phones (Apple iPhone & Android) as well as tablets (Apple iPad and Android). Download them from the Apple App Store or Google Play Store!

Results sent to your healthcare team

With your consent we save and transmit the results of your breathing exercises to your electronic health record (EHR) for review by your entire health care team.

Video games increase pain tolerance

As shown in multiple studies, video games increase pain tolerance through active distraction which in turns increases game plan duration.
(Jameson, Trevena, and Swain, Electronic
gaming as pain distraction, 2011)

Large clinical trial

Our games are tested within a large NIH-sponsored clinical trial with over 300 patients focusing on post-operative surgery recovery and children with cystic fibrosis

MULTI-PLATFORM / Breath-powered



Breath-driven games


NIH-sponsored Clinical Trials


Results delivered to EHR


Patient Clinical Trial

ZEPHYRx Quick Facts

Our NIH-sponsored clinical trial investigates the efficacy of video games for respiratory therapy in reducing post-surgery atelectasis, which can be a leading indicator of hospital-acquired pneumonia.

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