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Introducing ZEPHYRx

ZEPHYRx powers clinical drug trials

The ZEPHYRx® platform is used in major ALS, Asthma and Cystic Fibrosis research studies -- anywhere a pulmonary function test is an important end-point or outcome.

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Introducing ZEPHYRx

It's amazing what a few deep breaths can do.

The ZEPHYRx® platform combines incentive spirometry with an engaging selection of breath-driven video games, encouraging more frequent usage, and better patient outcomes.

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Introducing ZEPHYRx

Pulmonary Function Testing for Isolation

Supporting self-quarantine initiatives to reduce exposure

Remote Monitoring for those at Respiratory risk

+ Remote Patient Monitoring (RPM)
+ Breath Journal tracks daily performance
+ Automatic alert for key changes
+ Flow Volume Loop & Time - Volume graphs

Within the Hospital

+ Always available at the patient's bedside
+ Avoids patient transfer to pulmonary lab
+ Results can be sent to the patient's Medical Record

At Home

+ Self-administered with remote coaching
+ Results sent to automatically to physician portal
+ App runs on any Apple or Android cellphone or tablet

CPT Reimbursement Codes can be available for patient setup, device provision, remote monitoring and interpretation of collected data

Home Spirometry Reimbursement


Powerful Feedback Loop

Your Spirometry ResultsFlow Volume LoopNow Breathe In Fast


ZEPHYRx Features

World-Class Design

ZEPHYRx® Remote Patient Monitoring solution provides real-time results from patient's self-administrated Pulmonary Function Tests

Delivers all key PFT indicators

FVC, FEV1, PEF, FEV1/FVC, FEV6, FEV25-75, FIVC and both Flow - Volume Loop and Time -Volume graphs.

Percent Predicted

Both patient and physician also see results compared to GLI 2012 Predicted Values

Monitor trends over time

The clinical team can view tests over any time period in both tabular and graph form. Download those results as a CSV any time.

Full test report downloadable as a PDF

The clinical team can view and download a PDF of each test result.

Setup Alerts for any key changes

The clinical team can set thresholds that when triggered notify the team of key changes in a patients lung function

With the ZEPHYRx® Provider Dashboard clinicians can download and print a PDF of each patient's pulmonary function test result

MULTI-PLATFORM / Breath-powered

Incentive Spirometry Video Games

Inspiratory Muscle Training for lung rehabilitation


Breath-driven games


NIH-sponsored Clinical Trials


Tested against ATS standards


Patient Clinical Trial

ZEPHYRx Quick Facts

Our NIH-sponsored clinical trial investigates the efficacy of video games for respiratory therapy in reducing post-surgery atelectasis, which can be a leading indicator of hospital-acquired pneumonia.

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