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Spirometry Cloud Platform for the Hybrid Clinical Trial

It’s no secret the pandemic has played a hand in changing the way clinical trials are conducted - starting with the abrupt shift to hybrid models. However, this shift has naturally progressed long before the pandemic due to the challenges that plague traditional clinical research models. Today, the majority of our clinical research customers are utilizing a hybrid model for a few reasons that we’ll share in this article, and we’ll explore how the ZEPHYRx Spirometry CloudPlatform has evolved to help advance hybrid clinical research.

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Advancing Asthma Care with RRM

Remote patient monitoring (RPM) is quickly becoming the new standard of care and an invaluable tool for population health challenges like chronic disease management. And with 260M+ people diagnosed with asthma worldwide and $82 billion in healthcare costs in the US alone, this is a good area to dive in and see how RPM can help. This article will review at a high-level how remote respiratory monitoring (RRM) can be a powerful tool for asthma care management from confirming a diagnosis, identifying triggers, measuring medication effectiveness, timely intervention, and monitoring patients over time.

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An Introduction to Remote Respiratory Monitoring

This guide provides an introduction to remote respiratory monitoring—what it is and how it can benefit patients, providers and researchers. It includes information about how to choose an RRM solution to deliver comprehensive care, increase patient adherence and make it easy and convenient to track pulmonary health.

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Brochures & Infosheets

ZEPHYRx Provider Solutions Brochure

Learn how the ZEPHYRx Remote Respiratory Monitoring Solution can help supercharge your practice with features like Real-time Video Coaching, and end-to-end support including reimbursement training and patient onboarding.

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ZEPHYRx Clinical Research Solutions Infosheet

The ZEPHYRx Remote Respiratory Monitoring Solution boasts custom features for clinical research to streamline processes and create a more efficient workflow. Learn how you can increase participation, reduce dropouts, and reduce costs tied to on-site visits.

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Solutions for Lung Transplant

Learn more about our Remote Respiratory Monitoring solution for lung transplant clinical teams. Our platform offers features like real-time video coaching and alerts for changes in lung function.

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RPM Partner Program

We offer a fast, go-to-market program for RPM companies looking to add remote respiratory monitoring to their existing platform.

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CRO Partner Program

Fast-track your research with a rapid go-to-market RRM solution.Our solution easily plugs into your existing platform enabling you to roll out an offering in as little as 4-6 weeks.

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The ZEPHYRx Onboarding Process

Learn more about our onboarding process and how we deliver that extra-level of support to help our customers get up-and-running quickly and easily.

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