“Tonight my son Carson went fishing. Monitoring lung function is important for CF patients. I love that Carson is playing games while allowing his care team to also review his progress and monitor his lung function from afar. Good work CFF & ZEPHYRx!”

-Jarrod McKee

Be Empowered

to actively manage your own respiratory health with best-in-class solutions and gamification.
Patients face many roadblocks to accessing health care: transportation, cost, distance to travel, taking time off from work, unnecessary exposure to risks like COVID, and quite simply – the inconvenience. With remote respiratory monitoring (RRM), you can perform pulmonary function tests (PFT) anytime, anywhere – and share that data in real-time with your provider.

A Spirometer You’ll Love

ZEPHYRx is the largest reseller of the MIR Spirobank® Smart Spirometer. We chose this personal spirometer as a part of our solution because it’s one of the most affordable and easy-to-use on the market, and our customers love it! With Bluetooth connectivity, it seamlessly connects to the free ZEPHYRx Breathe Easy patient app so you and your provider can see your PFT results in real-time.

  • Spirometer is FDA-cleared
  • Results equivalent to in-clinic, meeting ATS standards
  • Automatic pairing via Bluetooth

An App You’ll
Love Even More

The ZEPHYRx Breathe Easy app offers endless engagement from automated PFT notifications and real-time video coaching to 8+ breathing exercise games. You’ll receive step-by-step PFT instructions with on-screen messages to help you throughout the process. This free app is available for download in the Apple Store, Google Play and Amazon App Store.

Real-time Video Coaching

The Breathe Easy app boasts a built-in video call feature allowing you and your clinical team to jump on live calls. Receive virtual coaching to ensure your PFT is performed correctly and with maximal effort.

Notifications – Making Life a Little Easier

We want to make life a little easier for our customers by giving them a heads-up when they have a PFT to complete. You will receive reminders and notifications for upcoming PFT tasks assigned by your clinical team, sent directly to your mobile device 3 days before, the day of, and an hour before its scheduled. You'll also receive similar notifications for scheduled real-time video coaching sessions.

Gamified Breathing Exercises

The Breathe Easy app boasts 10+ breathing exercise games to help support patients to better manage their own respiratory health. We gamify well-known, medically-proven respiratory exercises that have been shown to reduce the incidence of hospital-acquired pneumonia and help those with COPD, asthma and sickle cell anemia.

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