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Patients face many roadblocks to accessing health care: transportation, cost, distance to travel, taking time off from work, unnecessary exposure to risks like COVID, and quite simply – the inconvenience. With remote respiratory monitoring (RRM) surging since the COVID pandemic, providers are faced with the challenge of implementing a solution or falling behind. But beyond the pandemic, a successful RRM solution can complement your in-clinic setup and offer invaluable advantages to supercharge your practice.

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There’s a few solutions on the market – here’s how we’re different.

A Cost-Effective Subscription

Subscribers pay a flat rate per patient per month and only if a test is performed. If a test isn’t performed – you pay $0. If they perform 10 tests - you still only pay the flat rate.

Reimbursement Services

We have resources on staff devoted to helping you navigate the difficult challenges of home spirometry reimbursement. Our team collaborates with industry experts to ensure we stay ahead of the curve, which means you do too. Because let’s be honest – reimbursement is constantly evolving. We provide ongoing support as needed and this is included in your subscription.

A full PDF of each PFT is available to download for reimbursement submission and to upload to your EMR.
Continuous Patient Onboarding

Onboarding patients is a time-consuming task, so we handle it for you. We can ship the spirometer directly to your patients along with simple instructions on how to use the device, connect to the Breathe Easy app, and consent to share data.

Success is in the Details

We strive to leave no stone unturned by delivering continuous, customer-centric improvements to our solutions. The MIR Spirobank® Smart Spirometer is FDA-cleared and 100% tested against ATS standards, has been used in 40+ ZEPHYRx customer clinical trials and delivers accuracy equivalent to in-clinic testing*. Our Breathe Easy app and Provider Dashboard are HIPAA compliant, and we hold ourselves to the highest standards of application and information security.

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What can a RRM solution do for you and your patients?

Proactive Care Management

Whether you're implementing a new treatment plan or changing your patient's medication, you'll be able to measure effectiveness and proactively adjust care plans without the added burden of follow up in-clinic appointments.

Timely Intervention

Monitor high-risk patients for early detection of minor symptoms before they become major - enabling timely intervention and potential reductions in hospital admissions.

Gain Powerful Insights

Our platform turns your patient's historical PFT data into a trending visualization tool allowing you to monitor your patient’s lung function over any selected timeframe.

Meet Quality Standards

Within moments of completing a PFT, our system indicates each individual spirometry maneuver as acceptable or unacceptable, as well as indicating if the entire PFT session has met ATS guidelines for repeatability.

Improve Patient Engagement

Our solution equips you and your patients with the right tools to help improve engagement and support adherence:

Optional Services

EMR Integration

Avoid manual data transfer from the dashboard to the patient’s record in your EMR. Our IT experts created a very simple API Guide for your IT staff to easily integrate patient data into your EMR.

Single Sign On

You have enough to worry about. Single Sign On (SSO) enables users to securely authenticate their Provider Dashboard login by using just one set of credentials.

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