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Education and implementation of home spirometry in an adolescent cystic fibrosis population

Sarah Schaffer, Abigail Strang, Ambika Shenoy, Dawn Selhorst, Aaron Chidekel

At-Home Telespirometry in Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis

Eufrosina I. Young, MD1 Jenny A Meyer MD1 Dongliang Wang PhD1 Bhavya Narapureddy MD1 Dragos Manta MD1 Birendra Sah MD1 Urvi Desai, MD2 Benjamin Rix Brooks, MD3

Comparison of Video-Coached Remote Spirometry with In-Person Spirometry in Patients with Severe Asthma Participating in the NHLBI PrecISE Network

P. Akuthota, A. Ivanova, T. Song, M. Castro, J. M. Gaffin, W. Phipatanakul, L. B. Bacharier, E. R. Bleecker, S. C. Erzurum, J. V. Fahy, B. Gaston, M. Kraft, E. Israel, W. C. Moore, M. C. Peters, S. J. Szefler, M. E. Wechsler, S. E. Wenzel, S. R. White, J. Bach, R. Kelley, P. Lowell, M. O'Brien, D. Diaz, L. France, A. Pippins, P. Noel, R. J. Wright, S. N. Georas, L. C. Denlinger
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A comprehensive, adaptive approach to effective telehealth in a pediatric CF clinic

Molzhon, A.; Schmidt, H.; DiGirolamo, M.; Feld, A.; Lee, M.; Norton, R.; Schechter, M.; Everhart, R.; Wentz, D.; Omecene, N.

Short-Term Feasibility and Acceptability of Home Spirometry in Cystic Fibrosis

J. Davis, S. Dahlberg, C. Bacon, P. Marchetti, J. Greenberg, S. Scalia, R. Kaur, G. S. Sawicki
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Remote monitoring in telehealth care delivery across the U.S. cystic fibrosis care network

Thida Ong, Aricca D.Van Citters, Christopher Dowd, Jason Fullmer, Rhonda List, Shine-Ann Pai, Clement L. Ren, Peter Scalia, George M. Solomon, Gregory S. Sawicki Date: December, 2021
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Impact of Portable Spirometers in Delivery of Cystic Fibrosis Care Via Telehealth

Karen Lo, Sarah Barrett, Madihah Alam, Nauman Chaudary
October 01, 2021
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Comparison Between Lung Function Parameters Measured Using Home Spirometry and Routine Office Spirometry in Stable Cystic Fibrosis Patients

A. Nesmith, T. Hudali, L. Edwards, G. M. Solomon

Feasibility and Acceptability of Home Spirometry in the Adolescent Cystic Fibrosis Population

S. Schaffer, A. S. Chidekel, A. R. Strang

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