We’ve Integrated FeNO by NIOX into the ZEPHYRx Platform

We’ve partnered with NIOX to integrate FeNO into the ZEPHYRx Respiratory Cloud Platform to advance clinical research by offering one source of truth for multiple respiratory endpoints. In working with sponsors, ZEPHYRx and NIOX recognized a need for a more seamless solution. With this integration, measurements from the NIOX device are captured in the ZEPHYRx Respiratory Cloud Platform and accessible in real-time through the Provider Dashboard.

ZEPHYRx Home is now Integrated with ComPAS2

We’ve partnered with Morgan Scientific, an industry leader in PFT software that delivers advanced enterprise point-of-care solutions, to integrate the ZEPHYRx Home solution with ComPAS2. This integration will enable healthcare providers to monitor their patient’s lung function at-home. The expanded remote spirometry offering is powered by ZEPHYRx’s respiratory cloud platform and enables real-time PFT data collection from patients wherever they are – like from the comfort of home.

A New Partnership with RxCap

We’ve partnered with RxCap, a cloud-based remote monitoring enablement company, to integrate our Cloud Spirometry Platform into their Remote Monitoring Enablement Platform. With this new partnership, RxCap’s enterprise customers, such as providers and payers, will be able to monitor the lung function of their patients and members with serious pulmonary conditions. RxCap supports healthcare enterprises in developing customized remote patient monitoring (RPM) programs with a modular suite of enablement software, APIs, and prescription adherence devices. Enterprises can quickly build revenue-generating RPM programs that integrate with their existing care workflows and provide seamless experiences for their patients and members.

We've Joined Forces with MIR

ZEPHYRx, LLC and MIR, Medical International Research, have joined forces to jointly market the ZEPHYRx Remote Respiratory Monitoring (RRM) solution in North America. The MIR Spirobank® Smart Spirometer is a key component to the ZEPHYRx RRM solution. ZEPHYRx is the largest reseller of this device and has been working with MIR, a global leader in medical devices and software, since its inception in 2019. MIR has been an innovator in spirometry, oximetry, and mobile health since 1993. With MIR’s well-established customer base and highly qualified sales personnel, MIR is the partner of choice for ZEPHYRx to fuel its path of accelerating growth.

We’ve Partnered with Verustat

We’ve partnered with Verustat to integrate remote respiratory monitoring (RRM) solution into their RPM platform. Verustat customers can experience a more comprehensive RPM offering with the ability to monitor their patient’s lung function remotely. Verustat offers a complete ecosystem for remote patient care: connected medical devices, cloud storage, a comprehensive care portal, and a proprietary STAT-Phone Communication Hub – all HIPAA compliant and backed with the watchful support of their live care coordinators.

A New Collaboration with Strados

ZEPHYRx and Strados are in collaboration to deliver a more comprehensive solution offering that includes both platforms; ZEPHYRx Remote Respiratory Monitoring™ (RRM) and Strados RESP™ Smart Sensor Platform. The RESP™ Smart Sensor Platform is the world’s first FDA-cleared wearable lung device and smart sensor platform for respiratory health enabling early, remote detection of key changes in lung acoustics and ventilation patterns. It collects and calculates the frequency of wheezing, coughing, shortness of breath, as well as respiratory dynamics like rate and excursion for a more holistic picture of each patient’s respiratory heath journey. The ZEPHYRx RRM platform combines a cloud-based provider dashboard with real-time video coaching, patient mobile app, and MIR’s FDA-cleared spirometer – and is a cost-effective alternative to in-person pulmonary function testing. When using both platforms, providers and researchers are enabled to detect lung sounds and obtain pulmonary function test data remotely.

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