Supercharge Your Clinical Research

We enable researchers to extend their clinical trial beyond the study site and into the participant's home to unlock continuous, real-time data collection at a lower cost compared to traditional in-clinic methods.

  • increase participation
  • reduce dropouts
  • inclusion of patient cohorts otherwise out of reach

There’s a few solutions on the market –here’s how we’re different…

A Cost-Effective Subscription

No two research studies are the same, which is why we offer custom pricing models to meet your needs. We also offer additional services like over-reading resources and registered respiratory therapists.

Clinical Research Management Support

We help customers to plan, direct, and coordinate projects and trials. We assist in the preparation, initiation, monitoring and close-out of participating sites in clinical studies according to ZEPHYRx policies and procedures, study protocols, and HIPAA regulations.

Our project management services include:
  • kickoff and project planning
  • ongoing project status meetings
  • logistical support
  • documentation for IRB and DSMB reviews
  • study-specific ZEPHYRx training
  • data transfer requirements setup and delivery
Participant Onboarding

Onboarding participants is a time-consuming task, so we handle it for you. We can ship the spirometer directly to your participants along with simple instructions on how to use the device, connect to the Breathe Easy app, and consent to share data.

Success is in the Details

We strive to leave no stone unturned by delivering continuous, customer-centric improvements to our solutions. The MIR Spirobank® Smart Spirometer is FDA-cleared and 100% tested against ATS standards, has been used in 40+ ZEPHYRx customer clinical trials and delivers accuracy equivalent to in-clinic testing*. Our Breathe Easy app and Provider Dashboard are HIPAA compliant, and we hold ourselves to the highest standards of application and information security.

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What can an RRM solution do for your clinical research?

Obtain More Frequent PFT Data

With RRM, you will be able to design your study to collect as much data as possible because your participants can perform a pulmonary function test (PFT) anytime, anywhere.

Increase Efficiencies

Our solution allows you to execute over-reading, custom surveys and ePRO right in the dashboard. In addition, we offer customizable test data formats, frequency, and delivery.

Watch an overview of over-reading in the Provider Dashboard >>
Meet Quality Standards

Within moments of completing a PFT, our system indicates each individual spirometry maneuver as acceptable or unacceptable, as well as indicating if the entire PFT session has met ATS guidelines for repeatability.

A full PDF of each PFT is available to download>>
  • unique series ID to track and match data in another system
  • deidentified report option
  • track participant visits
Improve Patient Engagement

Our solution equips you and your patients with the right tools to improve engagement and help support adherence.

We offer additional services like registered Respiratory Therapists to help coach patients through their PFTs.

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